Good bye my little friend!

Few days back SHE sent me this picture with the caption “our kitty girl” saying she found her somewhere down the road, abandoned by the so called most intelligent beings of this planet earth. And today SHE sent me a message saying that this cutie just died. Even the doctor couldn’t save her from that miserable death. Her heart was too weak to survive. I never saw you, but I just can’t let you go.

My personal belief is that the term “Karma” stands for the equilibrium of nature. There’s no god or any other superstitious being looking over each and every one of us to punish or reward us for what we do. Karma should apply for everyone and everything in this universe or in all the universes. If karma applies for everyone fairly, the people who dump such innocent beings to be dead in roads deserve a special place in hell, if it exists somewhere. If this kitten had few more days with her mom she would have lived. I know what you think, hundreds and thousands of people die every day, in every passing minute. No, I don’t need your reminder on that! No matter whether a living being is black or white, a Sinhalese or a Tamil, a cat or a dog, life is a life. If we can save a life from death or from suffering, we should do our best. Every living being is here for a reason and each one of them has a right to live.

Good bye my little friend! I don’t want you to become a strong human in next life. That doesn’t guarantee you to have human qualities. Be a little kitten in a safer place where you can live your life until the mother nature calls you back.