Water for the Martian


Image courtesy: The Telegraph

I got sick in my graduation week. And I missed my graduation. But every cloud has a silver lining. I could finish the book I was reading and finish another in few days. I could read as I wish after quite some time since the usual work was too tiring for me. Latter one I read was The Martian. It was not the most complete and sophisticated sci-fi I have ever read, rather it was simple and fun. The book did an impressive job in keeping me engaged with Mark Watney on Martian surface which had no water. I look forward for the movie, but usually the movie of a book is just the tip of an iceberg. This is how I reviewed The Martian on Goodreads.

The MartianThe Martian by Andy Weir
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s been sometime since I finished a book in one go (and I had time for that). The Martian did that! If you think this is another boring/exhausting science fiction specially because it is ‘hard science fiction’, it’s not! Mark Watney is a pretty fun guy to be with.

Yesterday NASA announced that they have found liquid water on Mars under certain circumstances. Whatever the circumstances, I feel sorry for the poor guy Watney, he had a rough time preserving water for his 549 sol days.

Science is a wonderful thing. No matter from which corner of the world you are, science will show you an amazing world if you show some passion towards it. I remember Pathfinder finding its way on red planet surface. I was curious, but my age kept me away from being too curious. More recently Curiosity made me far more curious about the whole cause of space travel. It ended up Curiosity (and Mars Science Laboratory) landing in the slide deck of a presentation I did for upper school students on power of code. It might not be the most relevant example, but I really wanted to share this scientific masterpiece with them to arouse their curiosity. It was not a total waste.

Elon Musk (again!) was recently called as a super villain by Stephen Colbert just because he has a fast way to warm up Mars to make it livable for humans. Having few organizations working on the first step of Mars colonization, sending humans to Mars in near future, I feel yesterday’s announcement is timely. May be the media and public attention is yet to come, but we should appreciate every person who is behind, creating our future while sacrificing their own. Let it be man on the moon or water on Mars, these things don’t happen overnight. It’s easy for us to watch a press conference streamed over web. Yet again what we watch is the tip of an iceberg. Underneath there’s work done by thousands people for hundreds of days, may be for generations. We were born here on planet earth, probably humankind is not destined to die here. Let’s enjoy the moment. Mars is being nice to us!


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