Breaking the Habit

Yes, at the beginning being another tech blog was the last thing on my mind. I loved to share only conceptual stuff here rather than code lines. But things do change. Mainly due to two reasons, thought of filling this space with purely technical content as well. First reason is my final year project, something related to deep learning. There I have been working with pretty unique stuff which are not very popular and widely available on web yet. Hard times I had when looking for something on this very topic triggered me this need to share what I have been working on. Second reason is the place I do my internship. Here most of the things are free and open (source) in which I might need another lengthy post to explain. We are highly encouraged to share every bit of our work and it is always reminded that we are “standing on the shoulders of giants”. So why not share? Just a brief note on change and await for more mono-spaced content. Courtesy for the post title should be given to this song.


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