Breaking the Habit

Yes, at the beginning being another tech blog was the last thing on my mind. I loved to share only conceptual stuff here rather than code lines. But things do change. Mainly due to two reasons, thought of filling this space with purely technical content as well. First reason is my final year project, something related to deep learning. There I have been working with pretty unique stuff which are not very popular and widely available on web yet. Hard times I had when looking for something on this very topic triggered me this need to share what I have been working on. Second reason is the place I do my internship. Here most of the things are free and open (source) in which I might need another lengthy post to explain. We are highly encouraged to share every bit of our work and it is always reminded that we are “standing on the shoulders of giants”. So why not share? Just a brief note on change and await for more mono-spaced content. Courtesy for the post title should be given to this song.


The Theory of Everything: Not a Movie Review

Here comes a rare moment I feel 140 characters offered by Twitter is not enough to share everything I feel and know about something. That’s when I use this space. Hopes are so high for this movie. Not only as a physicist, cosmologist but even as a human being Stephen Hawking has been a marvel to me as much as the space and time became a marvel to himself. I have wondered so many times that for how many years he would have been considered as dead if he was another ordinary person. Instead this man has been delivering lectures on topics from black holes to time travel in front of most distinguished audiences of science for years now. The way that SGD speaks out his thoughts in its synthetic voice as “My name is Stephen Hawking” simply gives me goose bumps. Not many people get biography feature films for them in their life time. If there is anyone who deserves one, this man should be the first. Not only because of his contribution to physics but also because of the way he survived through that very uncommon disease. His recent debut on Facebook was rejoiced by his fans of all over the world including myself. Now a movie is way too much for us. Hopefully the director has done a fair job to this living legend and to his fans.

I can’t think of a better place to share what I got of him. First it was a translation of his best selling book, A Brief History of Time when I was in grade 11. Then a newer edition of the same in 2011 from annual book fair. To be honest I hardly understood it in 2005, but mostly in 2011. Thought of getting a capture too! This post might get an update when I get some good copy of this movie after few months. Sadly we don’t get such in local theaters no matter how badly we need them on big screen.