Next Big Thing in Reading

Observed fact, most of the smart phone and tablet users use their device for reading. It can be web content, social media, documents, still it’s reading. Yet all the device manufacturers seem to be struggling to make something lasts comfortably for two days. That’s the reason they have ended up with two separate products, e ink readers and LED display tablets. The same reason I am using two products, my smart phone and a Kindle basic. I love my experience with Kindle so far. For like one hour reading daily it lasts for a month by single charge. The story is quite different for my “smart” phone, barely a day. Why not merge the two? I would not care whether it is a high resolution color display or low resolution mono color display if the device can stay up for a week by a single charge. You get reduced or nearly no eye fatigue as a bonus point when you are in e ink display mode. The closest example I can think of in today’s mobile device spectrum is YotaPhone. But we cannot expect a broad market for a device where you have to swap it repeatedly. Thought of sharing a possible solution idea which seems to be feasible with current technologies before it comes more officially from Google or Apple. Seriously it happened in few previous cases for the ideas on modular phones and multimedia search engine. Sadly the sharing was limited to few of my close relatives back then beforehand the implementations by Google. This time I am gonna shout about it at least in this space.

Back to reading, as it was mentioned I have never regretted the decision to buy a Kindle even though it is not a very much popular choice here in Sri Lanka. But we cannot ignore the fact that how finely it makes our reading experience more natural with minimum distractions and paper like display. Still it is pain to browse the web and to do social networking using the device. After all we need to have two devices to do things which are closely related. With two layers of displays in same device, one being a full color LED and the other an e ink display with easy switching in between, it should work like a charm for both heavy content readers and multimedia users. If one needs full color viewing for photos, videos or gaming which obviously consumes more battery power he/she can go with that display mode. And for basic reading and browsing plus for most of the communication tasks e ink display will serve the purpose consuming much less battery power.

To date and to my knowledge Amazon is the only manufacturer who is in producing both device lines parallelly. There is a higher chance for them to go for a product like this by merging the best of technology and we can be quite certain that it is going to be a huge hit if they do it correctly.

Wow! It’s Apple this time and they have patented it as always they do. Reminder to self, search before you type.