Transcendence of Nineteen Eighty-Four

My type of movie after quite some time, Transcendence. I hardly get movies of my type out of them most being very predictable which I consider a waste of my time. Post examination freedom at its best as it was just yesterday I faced the last paper of my university life. Unlike for most of them, big yay!, for me it’s a mixed feeling. Life is or was simple as a student. Anyway, Transcendence seemed to be very familiar even in its trailer with dialogues on AIs, singularity, quantum computing and neuroscience. But the affection began to fade when it started to sound like another typical action thriller half way through making a clear separation between blacks and whites. Yet the end made it back to the place where it deserve with a question to myself, “what do we really need?”. It could have been that majority type of movie if it ended with the AI not being Dr. Will Caster. But it is Dr. Will Caster and that raised the question. Well, now you need to watch to totally understand. It’s not something new to me that we are ignoring most of the fundamental questions of existence in our everyday life. We are provided with answers (?) for these by religions most of the time. Or we have selected to ignore them by our own choice because it is much easier. Once again, what do we need? In a plain view we all need perfection in everything. Think of it, we need governments to be perfect, economy to be perfect, our lives to be perfect. Yet what do you mean by perfect? Are we satisfied with perfection? Why utopianism and totalitarianism sound so terrible? Will we ever be able not to attain but even to define the perfection we are looking for? These questions just fascinated me for few hours outpacing thoughts on machine intelligence which I am ought to be fascinated. Acquisition of true intelligence by machines is not so far away as I see, at least they will soon imitate us in a precision that we cannot notice as Turing said. Nevertheless will it be enough? Anyone is interested in giving some heart to machines? No? Well, that’s rude don’t you think?

Ending a long wait, started reading George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. You think it is coincidence? Not really!


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