Halal shake

Did I misspell anything? Guess not. Another viral video is trending all over the internet with hundreds of replicas following. One eternal truth can be composed(?) for them, soon they come sooner they go.

Meanwhile in Sri Lanka Halal seems to be shockingly fraying the common conscious between ethnicities. Firstly it was just a rumor. But now it seems to get scandalous wings through social networks. Censorship is clearly not a solution, but a prominent group like Bodu Bala Sena should be more responsible in releasing its propaganda to a media like Facebook. Notorious fake profile holders and few other groups are having a field day by making this a sensation. What we are wondering about is the end of this sensation. All the complications arose up to this moment are not worth even a droplet of blood fallen at battles. Majority of social network users are less matured to come up with handy solutions for situations like this. Rage could be easily tempered within them and henchmen of opportunism seem to be fueling the flames. Roots run behind the throne some say. Who knows? It’s quite disappointing how nationalism is used for a power willing burlesque. Issues might raise. May it be Halal certification or the Law College incident, but this moronic generalization of racism should be condemned at any extent before it completely cripples the ethnic harmony of this country. We are just ended three decades of bloodthirsty war. Extremists who are not rare in any race and hypocrites who are in a never ending thirst of power are the only people backing up this rampage. Patriotic veins of innocent citizens have been boosted villainously to be used them as pawns of a cheap political agenda. They seem to be blindly following the torch without knowing that first blaze will set themselves into fire. We are ignoring the screams of unspoken past, letting a repetition of tragic history which no one wants. Rumors are freshly made into facts by just typing them on images! These facts are shared by thousands without making a single question about their accuracy and relevance. A whole race is addressed in words we dare to speak forgetting the friendly neighbor, faithful friend of same nationality. Are we this much blind not to see where all these are headed? True that we are the majority of this country. But it doesn’t give us the ownership of this soil. We need to reach the pinnacle of maturity as a society before attain the dream, miracle of Asia. Hopefully not never.

Self advisory rule was imposed to keep it short. Skipping to bottom line, country is in need of an active intervene of all the moderate and peace willing people to end this holocaust. Wish a Harlem shake could shake all the misled brains back to their initial state.


Hello world

Amateur blogger is departed for sometime with all his novelty. Only the confused psyche was fighting in flickering time. Thoughts have been echoing and striking in his mind for freedom of expression. When the level of intensity becomes intolerable alternativity of writing was banished. A decision was made to unleash which were callously held. Typical tech blog start was the result despite of his last wish for another tech blog.

Okay, enough! Let’s hope above will be a curtain raiser. 🙂